Did you know that most people who get a product from a company keep it for about 8 months on average? This will depend on how long the product lasts – the customer may even keep it for years.

This means that branded giveaways still have an impact despite businesses focusing on online marketing. It might even get you higher returns as your giveaways will last longer than ads on websites. Enhance visibility of your brand with stronger digital presence. Check out Subscriberz and their wide range social media services.

If you’re looking for the right product to give, consider promotional t-shirts for the reasons below.

1. They’re Affordable to Produce

If you don’t have much of a budget and you want to get the most out of your money, consider giving out custom t-shirts instead. They’re easy on the wallet, yet you’ll be able to squeeze out as much advertising as you can from it for the reasons stated below.

Keep your design simple, keep it small yet visible, and use no more than 3 colors to keep the costs low. Order in bulk to get discounts, and opt for a printing method that’s cheaper, such as screen printing.

2. Production Is Fast and Easy

If you were ever in a rush to get advertising materials, shirts are a good choice as they’re quite fast to produce. As long as the design is ready and you already know what type of shirt you want, printing a batch is fast and easy.

You can even get a small batch with a simple design printed overnight. That’s only if you can find a shirt printing company willing to accept your rush order, though.

3. You Have Creative Freedom When It Comes to Design

The printing techniques have evolved to the point that artists can be as creative as they want. With custom t-shirts, now you can be sure that the design you see on the screen will translate well on a shirt. They’re a good canvass, too, giving an artist a big space and different areas, such as the back and the front, to work on.

You may even choose different spots for designing, such as on the back, on the sleeves, or on the pocket if there’s one.

4. There Are Many Options to Choose From

T shirts come in many styles and fabric, letting you choose one that fits your brand image better. You have different options for fabric, it’s up to you whether to go for comfort, aesthetics, or their wicking ability.

There are different neckline and sleeve designs as well. You can choose a round neck t shirt with shorter sleeves, for example. There are sizes for both women and men, or you can choose a unisex t shirt with different sizes.

5. Promotional T Shirts Are Functional

Many promotional disasters start with giving away free stuff that the customer won’t be able to use. It could be a pen that doesn’t work, a letter opener that nobody uses anymore, or a pair of earphones that broke after a day.

If you give out products with poor quality, you risk having your brand associated with poor quality, even if the product isn’t a part of your product line.

With t-shirts, you’re sure that your customers will find a use for them. Even if they don’t wear them outside, they can wear them at home and get reminders of your brand.

6. They Serve as Long-Lasting Promotional Materials

T shirts are pretty tough, even if you subject them to everyday wear for several years. For that reason, they serve their purpose well and your customers can use them over and over again.

Ads on newspapers will disappear after a day, radio spots are short, and calendars will expire after a year. Shirts, on the other hand, are good to wear as long as they’re washed. They’re pretty economical to produce, too, so it will give you the best bang for the buck.

7. T Shirts Are Trend-Proof

T shirts are a staple in every wardrobe as they never go out of style. Logo t-shirts are even some of the trendiest fashion today and the years before.

If you give a shirt today, you can be sure people will still use it years from now, especially if it’s high-quality. As long as you keep the design simple, your customers will wear it for a long time without it falling out of style.

8. It Increases Brand Visibility and Recognition

Every time your customer wears your t-shirt, they’re promoting your brand for you. When they go out, you get maximum exposure. If people around them see your brand enough, your t-shirts would have then improved your brand recognition.

Plus, t-shirts have the added benefit of not being too in-your-face, unlike advertisements on websites, billboards, and such. People will likely recognize your brand without quite knowing how they know your brand. By seeing it everywhere, though, it will imprint onto their minds.

9. It Enhances Brand Loyalty

People love free stuff, especially if that stuff has some use to them. If you’re good at customer service, giving away free stuff on top of that will boost brand loyalty.

Customers will associate your brand with positive feelings, those that they experienced when they received your gift. Every time they wear it, the t-shirt then reminds them of your brand. It creates and fosters a positive relationship between you and your clients.

10. Uniform T Shirts Inspire Unity

Promotional shirts aren’t only for customers, you can also dress your staff with them. Not only will this display your brand to customers when they come face to face with your staff, but it will also inspire camaraderie within your employees.

Having a uniform will make them look and feel as one. It reminds them they’re all a part of the same family, allowing them to be a more cohesive team.

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