Adding a Bathroom Vanity in Home Renovations

Your home is parallel to your appearance. Just like the days when you wake up and realize your hairstyle or wardrobe just aren’t cutting it, home decor evokes a similar reaction. At some point, the white and pastel carpet added twenty years ago had to be replaced with something more modern. It extends to every room in the house, including the bathroom. With so many options for recreating the look of your home, even fine-tuning the style and decor of your bathroom can make a big difference. While replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower is considered a big leap — like going from linoleum to natural tiles — more subtle changes, like adding a bathroom vanity, don’t change the functionality of everything else in the room.

In most cases, a standard sink bathroom renovation ends up with a vanity instead of a sink. Apart from the design aspect, the replacement is economical and logical. A bathroom vanities online gives a space two features: a sink and storage space for many things. From storing toiletries, shaving supplies and hair tools to towels and linens, a bathroom vanity has one or two cabinets and drawers underneath to give your bathroom more space. Your medicine cabinet is no longer filled with too many items, and if you don’t have linen closets, your bathroom vanity cabinet makes a great storage space. Also read: residential painting Toronto

Bathroom vanity designs range up to 72 inches wide for the double sink style, but even single sink vanities have plenty of storage room. Because renovating your bathroom means changing the style, vanities for the space are designed to match your decor. One option is traditional bathroom vanities, finished wood vanity, porcelain sink basin and marble countertop. The wood, in this case, is finished with a dark, medium or light color. If your bathroom is too small for a wood vanities online and you’re worried about wood warping, contemporary-style vanities are another option. Besides being compact, these vanities are made entirely of glass and metal.

Of course, traditional and contemporary styles for bathroom vanities vary among manufacturers.