Applying for a Turkey Visa as a Canadian or Chinese Citizen

If you’re planning to travel to Turkey in the near future, and you’re either Canadian or Chinese, it’s important to know that not all citizens are eligible for the same visa restrictions when it comes to travel within Turkey. If you’re Canadian or Chinese, that does not mean that you can’t get a visa; it just means that your visa will be applied for slightly differently than it would be if you were from another country.

Getting A Visa – What are my options?

When applying for your Turkey visa, you have 2 options: 1) Apply at your nearest Turkish embassy in Canada or China, 2) Apply through an approved travel agency. The option you choose really depends on how long you’ll be staying in Turkey and what other documents/information are required to apply. The information below provides a basic outline of each application process and summarizes which documents are required. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

Documents Needed to Apply For a Turkish eVisa

When applying for an eVisa, you’ll need to supply basic biographical information about yourself, your travel dates, and the purpose of your travel. You will also be asked to choose between types of visas offered by Turkey (holiday visa vs. business visa). You must then enter additional personal information including your marital status, travel companion’s name and their relationship to you, among other things. Once you’ve selected your type of Turkish visa and completed all fields on the application form, you can submit your application online.

How do I choose between the visa and other visa types?

In addition to eVisa, travelers can apply for one of four other types of visas. These visas must be applied for at a Turkish embassy or consulate abroad. The choice between eVisa and these visa types depends on what you plan to do in Turkey. If you’re planning on making short visits that are restricted to certain provinces and cities, then eVisa is sufficient. However, if you will be traveling throughout Turkey and spending more than 90 days total within a year-long period, you may need to apply for another type of visa. This requires filling out forms with personal information such as address history, citizenship status and passport details. Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

Where can I apply for an electronic visa (eVisa)?

You can apply for an eVisa through Turkey’s Official eVisa website. Once you have decided which consulate or embassy you will be applying at, make sure to register on their site before going to fill out your application. The visa application process is fully online. From there, it is suggested that you pay attention to when applications open and close, because if you miss these deadlines, you may have to reapply at a later date (or go somewhere else).

How long will it take to get my eVisa?

Once your application is processed and approved, you should receive your eVisa within 1-2 days. Keep in mind that if you applied on a weekend or public holiday, processing may take an additional day. If there are multiple people applying together, all eVisas will be processed at the same time (regardless of who applied first). In order to track your eVisa number, please enter it when prompted to submit documentation; failure to do so will result in an error message. Once all supporting documents have been uploaded and paid for by credit card (if applicable), you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Now that I have my eVisa, what else do I need?

You may not need much more than your eVisa itself to enter Turkey, but it’s good to know what else you can expect when entering a new country. You will be required to have some sort of identification in order to cross any border, so make sure that you bring your passport along with any other forms of identification (such as driver’s license) that you might need. It’s also useful to carry around photocopies of both documents, in case you lose either one. Some countries require visas from their citizens and others don’t, so before traveling abroad it is important to know what each specific nation requires of its visitors. In Turkey, an eVisa is sufficient.