Applying for a US Visa as a Spanish or British Citizen

If you’re planning to move to the US on a permanent basis, you’ll first need to figure out if you qualify to receive an immigrant visa, which allows you to enter the country permanently, or whether you should instead apply for a nonimmigrant visa, which is more like a temporary visa that allows you to visit the country on several occasions but doesn’t allow you to stay there permanently. Nonimmigrant visas are also available in different categories depending on your reason for visiting the US and your nationality. In this guide, we’ll be focusing specifically on applying for US Visa for Spanish Citizens or British citizens.

How to obtain an ESTA

The easiest way to obtain an ESTA is by filling out an online application form. You must submit a valid passport and card payment. The fee for applying for an ESTA is $14, which should be paid online with a credit card prior to beginning your application. This will provide you with an authorization that allows travel within certain U.S. borders for up to two years from the time of issue, depending on whether you are required additional screening at check-in.

What documents do I need?

The documents you need to apply for a visa vary based on whether you are applying from inside or outside of your home country. For example, in order to apply from inside your home country, you’ll need various travel documents proving your citizenship and identity, along with official government-issued documents outlining your personal information, current occupation, and reason for visiting/moving to another country. You will also need proof of financial stability (e.g., bank statements) if you plan on working while living abroad. Finally, keep in mind that different types of visas carry different requirements (i.e., visitor vs permanent resident) so make sure you research them carefully before submitting an application! US Visa for British Citizens

Where to apply

If you’re applying for an immigrant visa, you’ll submit your application at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. If you live in Mexico, most of Central America, and South America, you’ll need to apply at one of five foreign service posts called points of entry. These are located in: Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, San Ysidro-San Diego; El Paso-Ciudad Juarez; Miami; Ciudad Acuna-Del Rio; Nogales-Tucson.

When to apply

Should you apply before moving to Spain? The short answer is no. In fact, you should make your application once you arrive in Spain and establish permanent residency. If your home country is Britain or another EU member state, it’s all very straightforward. But if you are from outside Europe, things get a little more complicated. You will need to apply through an embassy in your home country before moving to Spain since an EU passport does not give you an automatic right of entry into Spain.

How much does it cost?

The UK and Spain are two countries with extremely close ties to the United States. It only makes sense that there are many ways in which you can immigrate to America if you’re from either of these two countries. The American government provides both Spanish citizens and British citizens with plenty of opportunities when it comes to immigration. However, many people don’t realize that if they are from either of these two nations, they have an extra advantage when applying for their citizenship. If you’re from Britain or Spain, you might already be familiar with studying abroad programs offered by your local college; what you might not know is that these programs also happen to help you become eligible for a U.S. visa upon graduation!

Important information

In order to travel to and stay in The United States, an alien must first obtain a visa. There are many visa options available based on occupation, reasons for travel, family relationships with citizens or permanent residents of The United States, and type of departure from their home country. Each category has its own set of requirements; each case is different. Below is information related to 2 common categories: Visas for persons already in The United States who wish to stay longer; Visas for persons who will be applying at an embassy outside of their home country before coming to The United States. In order to apply at any U.S. embassy or consulate overseas (except French Guiana), you must meet all eligibility requirements described below.