Denmark Grants Indian Visa To Passengers On Cruise

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe with a similar climate to India. So, it was not surprising that Denmark granted Indian passengers on a cruise an entry visa to their country. This article highlights an exemption which allows Indian citizens to stay in Denmark for 15 days without an entry visa.

Denmark Grants Indian Visa To Passengers On Cruise

The Danish government has granted an Indian visa to passengers on a cruise ship that is scheduled to dock in the country later this week. The decision comes after Denmark was criticized for its previous refusal to grant visas to passengers on the same ship. INDIAN VISA FOR CRUISE

The ship, which is carrying more than 500 passengers, is said to have arrived in the country last week and was expected to dock in Copenhagen on Sunday. However, the Danish Immigration Service has now decided that all passengers will be granted visas – even those who did not ask for them – after they completed a questionnaire about their travel plans.

The move is seen as a goodwill gesture by Denmark following international criticism of its previous stance. Earlier this month, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps threatened to boycott Denmark over its refusal to grant visas to passengers on board the ship, saying it would damage relations between the two countries.

The cruise company had initially requested that all passengers be given visas, but officials at the Danish Immigration Service said that would be too difficult and time-consuming to carry out.

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Denmark Grants Indian Visa To Passengers On Cruise

Denmark has granted an Indian visa to passengers on a cruise ship which was scheduled to dock in Copenhagen later this week. The decision has drawn criticism from some who say it is racist and discriminatory. The passenger, Satish Kannan, told the Danish tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet that he and his wife were shocked when they learned of the visa requirement. “It’s just ridiculous,” Kannan said. “We’re Indians, we’re not criminals.” INDIAN VISA FOR DENMARK CITIZENS

The Danish government has defended its decision, saying that it is necessary for the safety of the passengers and crew. In a statement released earlier this week, the Danish Foreign Ministry said that “the criteria for granting a visa are closely related to security concerns.” Critics of the decision argue that it is racist because India is not one of Denmark’s traditional tourist destinations. India is the world’s second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people.

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Denmark Grants Indian Visa To Passengers On Cruise

Denmark grants Indian visa to passengers on cruise

Danish government grants Indian passport to passengers on cruise ship

Effects of the Danish Immigration Policy

The Danish Immigration Policy has had a significant effect on the citizens of India. As of 2014, Denmark granted Indian citizens visa-free access to its territory, making it one of the most liberal countries in Europe when it comes to immigration. This policy has had a positive impact on the economy and culture of Denmark, which has seen an influx of talented and skilled people from India.

One example of this is Satish Kumar, who is a software engineer based in Copenhagen. He first moved to Denmark as a student in 2006, and soon after was able to obtain his Danish citizenship. Kumar says that being able to stay in Denmark and work while maintaining his Indian identity has been a major advantage. “It’s been great having the dual citizenship – I can use it to my advantage both in my work and personal life.”

The policy has also had a significant impact on the Danish population. According to statistics from Statistics Denmark, the number of Indians living in Denmark increased from 2,000 in 2005 to 11,000 by 2013. This increase has led to increased demand for jobs in sectors such as healthcare, IT, and hospitality.