How Can I Look Attractive in Kurta?

If there is a trend in fashion that has been getting major leave in the last few months, it is the ethnic dressing, specifically anarkali suits and kurtas. A kurta can be called a wardrobe essential as it can do wonders for every occasion to help men and women stay more elegant, trendy and stylish. Thanks to some celebrities in Pakistan who have been making ethnic dressing the flavor of the season. Remember some top personalities promoting kurtas, yes, we are talking about both women and men’s kurtas. In case you have been meaning to give some style update to your closet and learn the tricks of making exceptional style statements in gorgeous kurtas, here we give you some of the best styles to pick in order to look attractive in kurta:

Try Different Fabrics

You may spoil yourself with an extensive variety of kurtas in silk, satin, organza, cotton, velvet and more. These are all some of the best picks that can serve exceptional purposes. Choose styles where the fabrics are designed with adornments in some way that the mix proves to a winner at the events and social gatherings. Pair your kurta with trousers, shalwars, jeans and more for an attractive look.

Go For Details

Make a statement by sporting a kurta that is highlighted by patch work, applique, kundan, block printing, and thread embroidery etc. You may also flaunt it with some stylish necklines, and sleeves that feature some intricate detailing.

Get Some Accessories

Your kurta can be pretty but getting some accessories can make it even better. You can elevate your appearance to the next level. Pair your kurta with some chunky bangles if you are a woman. In addition, you need to pair it with the right shoes. Wearing some sandals can be a better option instead of casual shoes.

Try Out Several Cuts

Designer kurtas with some different sort of cuts look outstanding with narrow or flared trousers for an evening party. Asymmetrical, trail cut, and kaftan style kurtas can be some of the best picks. However, remember no matter how gorgeous a kurta is, in case it is not styled in the right manner and with some appropriate bottoms, it may fall flat.

Go For Trends and Fusion

If you really want to make a statement, try the fusion of western and Pakistani trends. Pak-western kurtas paired with some stylish trousers or salwar are among the latest trending styles. In addition, you can create your own style by blending and matching certain looks.

Where to Buy a Kurta?

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