How to Find the Best Car Detailing Services

When looking for a quality car detailing service, you should consider the feedback of the customers. Look for customer feedback on Google. Look for firms with a high customer rating. Read customer reviews to see how satisfied the customers are with the detailing services offered by the firm. You may also want to consider looking for a car wash facility that offers a range of car care services. You can find a car wash near you by performing a Google search.

330 Auto Detailing

If you’re looking for an auto detailer in the New York City area, you’ve come to the right place. 330 Auto Detailing offers a complete range of interior and exterior detailing solutions, including leather conditioning and carpet shampooing. You can expect them to perform paint correction and machine polishing, water spot removal, headlight restoration, and trim restoration. Whether you own a sedan or an SUV, 330 Auto Detailing can take care of the job, and they also make house calls.

K Wallace Signature Detail

If you’re looking for a car detailing business in White Plains, New York, then you’ve found the right place. K. Wallace Signature Detail is a full-service business with trained professionals. Their service team can work at your home or office during your free time, without leaving a mess or damaging the environment. They are also open on holidays and on black Friday, but they don’t close for any reason. If you’d like to leave a review for other customers, please do so.

K. Wallace Signature Detail LLC provides comprehensive car cleaning solutions throughout Queens and Brooklyn. These auto detailing professionals use eco-friendly products to clean your vehicle, leaving it sparkling. You can also book an appointment for their mobile auto detailing service in Brooklyn and Queens. You can also make an appointment with a Brooklyn auto detailing professional at any time of the day or night. They have the ability to come to your home or office and clean your vehicle from top to bottom, including the engine.

Professional Parking Solutions

For property management companies in New York City, Professional Parking Solutions offers a wide range of car detailing services, including carpet shampooing, leather seat conditioning, headliner cleaning, and more. These companies can also provide you with a parking space anywhere across the city, including Brooklyn, Long Island, and Manhattan. They offer valet parking services as well, and have worked with a variety of prominent clients in the industry, including The Intrepid Museum, the Pacha nightclub, and the United Jewish Appeal.


Meguiar’s car detailing products have been around since 1901. With a heritage spanning over 120 years, they have the expertise to provide top-quality products for all car enthusiasts. The company is known for developing a wide range of world-class products, including its bestselling hybrid ceramic spray wax and trendsetting cleaner wax. We are confident in the quality of Meguiar’s products, and recommend them to our customers.

Meguiar’s car detailing kits contain a variety of car care products to enhance the look of your vehicle. Each of the 12 pieces comes with a bottle of gold class liquid wax, a blend of carnauba wax, polymer wax, and conditioners. The gold class wax also protects your car from UV rays. The ultimate interior detailer provides a clear layer of shine to your vehicle.

For professional auto detailing, professionals Urus Rental Dubai and enthusiasts alike can rely on Stoner car care products. The company’s comprehensive line of cleaning, lubrication and coating solutions is formulated with innovative technology to increase the efficiency of detailers and their businesses. Founded in 1942, Stoner has been a global leader in the automotive appearance and plastics industries, and today is one of the top-selling detailing supplies. It also manufactures products for specialized industries and manufactures dozens of proprietary packaging innovations.

The XENIT-Intensive Cleaner and Remover is a convenient 10 oz. solution that helps auto detailers clean windows faster and easier than ever before. The multipurpose cleaner is great for removing stains and sticky residue, while still being tough enough to work on daily drivers. Stoner’s XENIT-Intensive Cleaner and Remover is also a must-have auto detailing supply. It is formulated with Citrus 66, an all-natural, highly refined citrus fruit extract.