Online Games Streaming Websites For eSports

If you’re interested in watching professional gamers compete in eSports games, then you’re in the right place. There are many video game streaming websites, but we’ll focus on a few top choices. In particular, check out YouTube Gaming, Afreeca TV, Twitch, and Gosu Gamers. These websites have a wide variety of games and noteworthy streamers.

Top 5 games steaming platforms

  • YouTube Gaming
  • Wpc2027 Live
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Dlive


YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming can be a lucrative hobby that can be adapted to many different niches. While many people enjoy this type of video content, much work goes into creating it. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can reach millions of viewers and make some money. Though it might not be an overnight success, it can become famous for your gaming videos. The first step toward becoming successful is to determine your niche.

Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV started as a beta service on May 11, 2005, and is a South East Asian company similar to the Like app. The website offers free video streams and lives chatting and also features the option to subscribe to paid channels. Its services include:

  • Broadcasting and viewing.
  • Live chatting and forums.
  • A chat window for interaction between viewers and streamers.

The site has six main reasons for being so popular, including the fact that viewers have the chance to influence the broadcast in real-time.


Many gamers are attracted to Twitch for the unique combination of video games and social media experience. Hundreds of millions of people connect through their love of video games. The site also allows viewers to watch and purchase games through links displayed on the streams. In addition, users can earn commissions based on sales. To become a certified Twitch streamer, you must reach a minimum number of followers, which is fifty.

Gosu Gamers

The name Gosu translates to “highly skilled person” in Korean. It is fitting to describe the video game star as a powerful video game player. Gosu started playing Nintendo Entertainment System games as a child and developed a strong sense of style and character in the early 2000s. When he discovered Blizzard’s StarCraft, he was a shy teenager, but the game caught his interest, and he began to play it regularly in 2009. In 2009, friends encouraged him to try League of Legends, which he eventually became passionate about.

Dailymotion Games

With over three million viewers a month, Dailymotion has become one of the largest eSports streaming websites as the popularity of video game broadcasting is gaining traction on the internet. Dailymotion Games features live and recorded gameplay, allowing viewers to share their favorite videos and interact with other players. Unlike YouTube, where violations of its terms can result in severe consequences, Dailymotion Games does not penalize violators as severely.


The founders of Imzy were motivated by the need to improve the gaming experience by eliminating harassment and promoting healthy interaction between viewers and content creators. They watched the hostile atmosphere on Reddit grow and saw trolls and commenters become overbearing. With a $3 million round of funding, they will launch a free service and operate on a tips system. The founders hope to add a small cut from the site’s transactions and member donations.