The Easiest Way to Get a Turkey Visa for Australian and Chinese Citizens

How do I get a Turkey visa? If you’re an Australian or Chinese citizen and want to travel to Turkey, you can easily apply for your Turkey visa online here. Once we receive your application, one of our travel agents will contact you to help schedule your Turkish visa appointment at the embassy. We’ll also be there with you on the day of your appointment to make sure everything goes smoothly, and we’ll even pick you up from the airport once you arrive in Turkey! Get ready to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world with these simple steps to getting your Turkey visa!

How to get a turkey visa as an Australian citizen

To obtain a turkey visa as an Australian citizen, there are several options you have. One of them is to get a job in turkey. Another option is getting married or having your spouse emigrate with you. These two options are by far the easiest way to get a turkey visa as an Australian citizen because all it takes is some paperwork or approval from authorities if you’re getting married in Turkey. Once approved, you can immediately start living on your own and work legally without any other permits or paperwork. TURKEY VISA FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS

How to get a turkey visa as a Chinese citizen

Firstly, who can apply? The Turkey VISA For CHINESE CITIZENS program is open to both individual tourists AND TOUR GROUPS (of more than 10 persons) from Australia & China. That’s right – a group Turkey Tour! Why Turkey? Turkey is in many ways, the perfect holiday destination. It has it all. From history to culture, nature, and relaxation… there’s something for everyone in Turkey. This year will see an unprecedented number of visitor arrivals at 500,000+. With tourist numbers growing rapidly, tourism offers you many opportunities as well as challenges.

Turkey visit requirements

For non-citizens, you must have an official invitation from a sponsor, who will be responsible for your accommodations. Non-residents of Turkey may not stay in any one place longer than three days unless they are at least 16 years old. You will also need an International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Fever certificate) proving that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. Your passport must be valid until at least six months after your arrival date in Turkey.

Turkey entry requirements checklist

TURKEY VISA FOR CHINESE CITIZENS Our team at Turkey Central can help you with all your Turkey visa needs. We have everything you need to check off on your Turkey entry requirements checklist! Do I need a letter of invitation? Yes, in order to get a Y-type visa from China, you will need a letter of invitation from a company or an individual in Turkey who is willing to host you. If you do not have any hosts yet, our team at Turkey Central can help connect you with reliable partners or companies. How long does it take? It normally takes about one week for invitations issued by Turkish companies and about two weeks for invitations issued by private individuals. Where should I apply?

Timing of your trip

You should apply for your visa around four months before you are planning on traveling. This gives you plenty of time to gather all your documents, allow room for delays, and ensure you have everything ready in time. Additionally, it also means that you won’t be rushing at the last minute trying to get things sorted out. You can never be sure what kind of weather or potential issues might delay travel plans so try not to leave it until the last minute if possible. If your situation changes or if something goes wrong with any of your documents then there is more time in hand to make adjustments or alternative arrangements before finally going ahead with your trip as planned.

Vaccinations needed for turkey

There are two vaccinations required before entering Turkey. They are the hepatitis A vaccine and typhoid fever vaccine. Hepatitis A is recommended if you’re arriving from an area with poor sanitation, travel in areas where there’s no proper sewage disposal, or eat raw foods like eggs or shellfish. Typhoid fever is required if your passport contains stamps from areas with a high incidence of typhoid fever. In addition to getting yourself vaccinated, it’s important that any children traveling with you have their immunizations up-to-date as well—immunization schedules vary from country to country, so make sure you know what’s necessary before heading out.

Things you need before traveling with kids

Visa application form, 5 passport photos, Passport (must be valid for at least 3 months after your planned return date), Recent bank statement that shows proof of income, A letter from your employer stating job title and salary in Turkish Lira, Formal invitation from your host/contact person in Turkey. If you do not have any contact person then you can approach a travel agency that is approved by the Turkish embassy. You can also apply for a business visa if you are planning to stay in Turkey for more than three months. Then you need to write down the reasons behind it along with details about yourself. The information can be added as an additional cover letter or note along with your visa application form.