Top 10 Blogs and Instagram Accounts to Follow

Top 10 Blogs and Instagram Accounts to Follow

Have you ever purchased an outfit, but you didn’t know what you should wear? Perhaps you’ve purchased an exquisite pair of leather boots but are unsure of the best way to take care of the boots… It’s all been there, haven’t we? It’s great to have someone around to give you suggestions and guidance as a trusted companion who’ll never be disappointed. click here

Then we started thinking…

Similar to our blog, a huge variety of-related blogs are available that provide amazing style tips, tricks, and information. So, we’ve done some research and have come up with what we believe is the best blog about and Instagram accounts we think we should follow (other than ours, of course!). Writing about isn’t a simple task (pun intended); however, these bloggers from the industry have done it right!

Let’s take a look at the ones we believe are worthy of an additional follow-up:

We love our Tease! Contemporary, contemporary, and down-to-earth If you are a fan of the latest fashions but need practical, low-cost, The Tease blog has you covered. The blog is full of useful advice and fashion tips, including celebrity gossip about footwear and reviews of various accessories for. From the latest sneakers to the market or pompom attachments that will change your. 

They try to cover every aspect and provide solutions to issues that are likely to arise daily, whether it’s advice about foot care or what most appropriate gifts for the shoe-loving person you have in your life.Tease also offers tips on food, beauty, and travel… But, for them, shoes always remain their first desire!

Crepe City

If you’re looking for a chic urban preference and you’re looking for a new urban style, Crepe City is an Instagram account you should have for your daily life. for trading rare and hard-to-find sneakers… and they’re good at it at all!

Instead of the typical fashions thrown away all the time, Here we have an incredible combination of retro, vintage, and contemporary footwear that will inspire anyone with a sneaker collection. If you’re looking for inspiration for your wardrobe or have already developed an obsession with sneakers, Crepe City’s Instagram will awaken you!

Hello Hannah (formerly Champagne Lifestyle)

Hello, Hannah is a woman’s unique outlet for everything fashion. Hannah blogs about her fashion successes, discoveries, and other tips for living and problems with a casual and trendy Californian look. She also gives tips and advice on vegan food, home decor, and beauty… All while being surrounded by her husband and two adorable dogs!

Until recently, Hannah’s blog was Champagne Lifestyle, where she highlighted all of the small things in life that aren’t breaking the bank. She also offered plenty of fashion-savvy advice and tips! Hannah continues to write about this on a more personal scale, and what a treasure she is!


A Swedish blog that was initially launched in 2013. The English version was released in 2016 and has since established itself as a leader. focuses on men’s “classical quality made with traditional construction methods.” If you are looking for classic, vintage fashion is your style, and you’d like to know more about the styles that were popular in the past, here is your spot!

In a simple and uncluttered manner, and with the class you’d imagine, covers many topics, including how to put on classics for men and make them. You’ll also find suggestions on where to shop, how to maintain yours, and tips on getting the most out of custom-made footwear when you decide to design your own! This is the perfect blog for those interested in manufacturing and designing footwear.

Penny Pincher Fashion

Like Hannah’s blog, Kimberly’s blog Pennypincher Fashion, Kimberly adds her style to fashion, but with the pressure of keeping to the budget of under 100 dollars (roughly PS75), anything is more. Expensive and must be worth it!

Kimberly is a family mom, and practical, fashionable footwear is essential. A stone’s throw from New York City, she is more trendy and prefers timeless yet flexible clothes and shoes. She also gives information and advice on the upcoming fashions as well as what’s trending currently and where to find those essential bargains! Although she’s from the United States, Many of the items she suggests are sold internationally, which is why she’s a great one to keep on watch!

The Anna Edit

Anna is a twenty-something Brightonian obsessed with the fashion industry and blogs. The blog she writes on, The Anna Edit, is very active and provides regular updates of what’s happening around her world. There are tutorials and updates on YouTube in case you want to follow her daily activities. A minimalist style enthusiast, Anna is very much the English rose. She is adept in her choices. She gives tips about everything and anything – from the essentials of your wardrobe that will be required for a weekend to the best way to pack your overnight bag.

She is also on the pulse of finding bargains too! She often points you to deals on fashion, from footwear and clothing to beauty products you didn’t know you required.

Anna is also a major lover of fitness and health. In addition to the typical fashion advice, she’ll provide a glimpse into her fitness and health routine, including some healthy recipes and well-tested fitness gear you’ll appreciate.