Ultimate Guide to India Visa Photo Requirements and Canadian eTA Number Retrieval

Planning international travel can be an exciting yet daunting experience, especially when it comes to ensuring you have all the necessary documentation. Two common concerns for travelers are meeting the India visa photo requirements and finding their Canadian eTA number. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the specifics of both, ensuring a smoother travel preparation process. india visa photo requirements

Understanding India Visa Photo Requirements

Navigating visa photo requirements can be tricky, but it’s crucial for a successful visa application. Here’s what you need to know.

Photo Dimensions and Size

Accepted Dimensions

When applying for an India visa, the photo should be 2 inches by 2 inches (51mm x 51mm). This standardized size is essential to meet the application guidelines.

File Size Specifications

The digital photo file should be between 10KB and 1MB. Ensuring the file size fits within these parameters is critical to avoid rejection.

Photo Quality and Background

Resolution and Clarity

The photo must be clear and of high resolution, typically 300 pixels per inch (dpi). Blurry or pixelated images will not be accepted. how do i find my canadian eta number

Background Color and Texture

A plain, light-colored background is required. The best choice is white or off-white, without any patterns or shadows.

Facial Expression and Positioning

Expression Guidelines

Your facial expression should be neutral with both eyes open. Avoid smiling, frowning, or any other expressions that may distort your facial features.

Head Position and Framing

Your head should be centered in the frame, with the face occupying 70-80% of the photo. The top of the head, including hair, and the bottom of the chin should be visible.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Incorrect Sizes and Backgrounds

Using incorrect photo dimensions or a non-compliant background color can lead to application rejection. Ensure you adhere strictly to the specified guidelines.

Poor Quality and Blurriness

Submitting a photo that is blurry, underexposed, or overexposed can also result in rejection. Use a high-quality camera or a professional service.

Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo

DIY Tips

If you’re taking the photo yourself, use a tripod or steady surface to avoid shakes. Ensure good lighting and use a plain white wall as the background.

Professional Photography Services

For peace of mind, consider using a professional photography service. They are familiar with visa photo requirements and can provide you with a compliant photo.

How to Find Your Canadian eTA Number

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is essential for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. If you need to retrieve your eTA number, follow these steps.

What is a Canadian eTA?

Overview of eTA

A Canadian eTA is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. It is electronically linked to your passport and valid for up to five years or until your passport expires.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for an eTA, you must have a valid passport, a credit or debit card, and an email address. It’s available to citizens of certain countries.

Retrieving Your eTA Number

Initial Registration Process

During your initial application, you would have provided your email address to receive confirmation. Ensure you use an email account that you regularly check.

Checking Your Email for Confirmation

Upon successful application, you will receive an email from the Government of Canada containing your eTA number. Search your inbox for this confirmation email.

Using the IRCC Website

If you cannot find the email, visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. Use the eTA Status Tool by entering your passport details and personal information to retrieve your eTA number.

Common Issues and Solutions

Lost eTA Number

If you’ve lost your eTA number, use the IRCC website to retrieve it. Ensure you enter your details exactly as they were during the application.

Mistakes in Application

If you made a mistake in your application, such as entering incorrect passport information, you might need to apply for a new eTA. Contact IRCC for guidance.

Tips for Keeping Your eTA Information Secure

Email Security Tips

Keep your email account secure by using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. Regularly check for official correspondence regarding your eTA.

Record Keeping Best Practices

Save a digital and printed copy of your eTA confirmation. Store these copies in safe, easily accessible places.


Ensuring you meet the India visa photo requirements and can easily retrieve your Canadian eTA number are essential steps in the travel preparation process. By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this guide, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smoother journey.