What is Jamaica Adventure Park


This great, State Of Art Water Park was introduced in 2007. This waterpark provides us with many different adventures in a single park for our whole family. Jamaica Adventure Park is located in Ocho Rios, where you can enjoy exciting experiences. it is a park in which you can enjoy the natural view of the jungle through an ATV. You can also enjoy a Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica. There is a number of large swimming pools full of clear water, in these pools you not even watch dolphins but you can also swim with these dolphins. These adventurous parks are very cool and amazing for every type of person. These experiences are very memorable and exciting for everyone because this type of incident will never do in real life.

These parks are the best place in Jamaica to enjoy a Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica in Jamaica. You can enjoy this adventure with wildlife animals in a much more secure environment. Everyone can enjoy a swim with a dolphin in Jamaica without getting harming themselves and without harming these wildlife animals or the environment. These adventures are very rear and never forgettable. In these parks, you can have a safe encounter or meet up with wild animals. If you are a nature lover then you must visit these parks as soon as you can. Swimming and enjoying with these creatures is very magnificent because while enjoying with them you are not only swimming with them, you have the opportunity to touch and hold them from their fins, when you hold them from their fins they will pull you with their amazing speed, but all these things are very safe for you and for these creatures.

Why is swimming with dolphins special?

Jamaica Adventure Parks are popular for their dolphins; you can enjoy a Swim with dolphins in Jamaica. This is a very special thing because these are wild creatures, but well trained for swimming with humans. This adventure was introduced in 2008 because dolphins are familiar with humans and are very soft-hearted aqua animals. So, they specially trained them for swimming with humans. You cannot only swim with them but also you can touch and hold them from their fins. Once you hold them from their fins they pull you with them and have a ride in the pool. They are also trained for many other things; they would push you from your feet. You can also enjoy many other activities there.

Other activities

  1. Riding mug buggies.
  2. Atv rides.
  3. Cooking tour.
  4. Birds aviary
  5. Jitney ride.


If you are interested in wildlife and finding an adventure park for you then Jamaica Adventure Park is the best place for you to visit. These parks are the best place for watching and enjoying wildlife adventures there. There are such adventurous things available in these parks that you never experienced in your life before. There are natural sceneries and natural jungles available for us. These provide a natural experience for all adventures. Thanks for watching…