Who Manufactures Black Composite Panels?

UNIFLOORWPC Outdoor black composite decking is a secret. A Thousand Eyes of a Thousand Hamlets. Some said she was brave, courageous and beautiful. At the same time, others consider it the coolest composite platform ever. If you choose a black synthetic coating, it will be solid and discreet.

Why is it worth choosing black composite decking?

If you want something different for your garden or balcony. Therefore, as a background for other contrasting colors, black is a unique expression of individuality. A black composite decking can make a bold statement to give your garden an urban theme.

Depending on your overall theme, you can use white and neutral colors to accent your black composite belt. Or use bright, contrasting colors to boldly enhance the black theme of your outdoor patio.

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Now let’s color the composite bridge black. What does it look like? It is not easy to imagine what an option as thick as coal will look like in the garden. Here are some options for recreating a space with a beautiful and attractive black decking outdoor patio.

To give your waistline a decidedly modern look with black. How about accentuating design elements with our teak or antique wood products? Photo frames are a popular way to emphasize size.

You can use light shades of old natural stones to add warmth and depth to dark black tones. For more information on how to make your deck stand out, contact the experts at UNIFLOORWPC or read our design guide!

More information on the Black Composite Deck

Black WPC Outdoor Flooring

Black WPC decking is one of the popular styles. Compared with traditional wood, it adds darkness to the decking production process. It can make the table top look like a traditional wood cut and also keep the original sanding color. It does not need to be painted and requires little to no maintenance.

WPC decks can be made in different colors.

Black composite decking is made of natural wood fibers and eco-friendly polymers and is extruded from high pressure thermoplastic material. In addition to black, we can make WPC decks in different colors according to your needs. The wood fibers inside the WPC deck can achieve the effect of natural wood grain. The added polymer greatly improves stability and durability.

Two surface options

Meets various user requirements. UNIFLOORWPC black composite flooring planks are available with both solid and hollow inner frame. The surface uses two kinds of surface treatment. One side is corrugated anti-slip treatment and one side is flat surface, one side can be arbitrarily chosen for installation. At a later stage, you can wash it with soap and water once in a while to keep the deck clean. Click on our product page or contact us directly to learn more about our black composite panel.