8 Moroccan Tile Designs for floors and Backsplashes

There’s so much to be enthused with Moroccan tiles. They usually feature vibrant and often vibrant, patterns and designs that make you smile. We believe they’re great way to liven up the interior of any home, regardless of your design style. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking some fun flooring ideas or some suggestions to create a stunning Kitchen backsplash These Moroccan tile ideas will surely get you thinking.

  • Secure a Bathroom with Beautiful Floor Tile

Homepolish Interior designer Stefani Stein renovated an old bathroom from the 1920s and updated it to modern standards. The monochromatic Moroccan flooring tile she put in brought the room she had just renovated to a whole new level of chic. The brand new floor has a striking dark pattern that is a strong anchor for the room by bringing together all the black accents from crown molding to the mirror frames.

  • Refresh Your Backsplash with Encaustic Tile

A moroccan tile backsplash made of encaustic adds lots of color and personality to a white and black kitchen created by Vidal Design Collaboration. Notice how the blue kitchen range and the trim of the oven hood are in harmony with the backsplash’s color.

  • Dress up a Bathroom Vanity by using floor tiles

Create the Mediterranean-inspired powder room of your dreams with black and white Moroccan floor tiles. Tiles for the sink and counter? They work better than you thought. This bathroom from W.B. Builders features eight-inch by eight-inch porcelain tiles on top and beneath an unassuming bathroom vanity. The result is huge visual statements. Because the tiles were intended for floors that were used for high traffic and are able to be able to withstand water.

  • Make your kitchen unique with colorful Tile

In terms of personalizing living spaces we are awestruck by unexpected designs like these rustic-inspired beadboard cabinets, paired with a bright Moroccan tiles for the backsplash. There are numerous ways to blend colors in your space to create a cohesive style. The design of Vidal Design Collaborative painted the trim around the windows and doors to complement the backsplash.

  • Add some color to a neutral-toned kitchen

The kitchens with neutral tones are the most suitable places to put in striking floor tiles. Take for example the stunning flooring that is featured in this kitchen designed by Homepolish interior designer Daniela Benloulou Malca.

  • Give a room a new look with Patterned Tile

In this spacious traditional kitchen that is featured on Decorist, Moroccan tiles in subtle shades add a touch of color to the oven’s backsplash. The tiles add a lovely design to the kitchen, without overpowering bright colors.

  • Create a Custom Moroccan Tiled Floor

The interior designer Kevin Clark installed the custom Moroccan tile flooring inside this white kitchen, which was featured on Homepolish. The tiles are perfectly matched to the cabinets. Brass cabinet knobs that are polished and an artisanal butcher block countertop constructed out of cherry wood break up the ocean of blue.

  • Bring a contemporary kitchen to life with Arabesque Tiles

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Moroccan tile is typically renowned for its bright patterns. But, this kitchen space is created by 3 Lights Design serves up something completely different. The backsplash in the kitchen is comprised of arabesque-shaped white tiles. To add a splash of colour, white and blue Moroccan tiles were placed on top of the oven. The gorgeous tile work with wood accents bring warmth to the modern kitchen area for cooking.