Coaxial Speaker Cables

The coaxial speaker cable has become very popular.It transmits video and audio signals as well TV antennae modems cables boxes. modems, speaker cables and modems.

coaxial speaker wires

A male RCA port is usually available at both ends coaxial speaker wires.It is well-known for its ability to transmit lossless sound signals, and it is highly resistant to interference.You’ve reached the right page to find out more about this tool.This article will provide a detailed look at the cable, including its components and types as well as how it is used.Let’s find out more.A coaxial speaker cable, also known as a coax connector, is an electrical cable that transmits RF (Radio Frequency ), data from an input device to a supply.

RF signals

The frequency of an RF signals will include both the high frequencies of the audio spectrum, as well as lower rates from the infrared.It can be translated to a frequency range between 20kHz and 300GHz. The first cable appeared in 1858. However, it was patentable 22 years later in 1880.This wire has been an integral part of every household’s wiring system since the beginning of the 20th Century, particularly with the advent of televisions.

Coaxial refers

Coaxial refers to the complete construction of the cable in technical terms.It has a protective layer of copper woven around the inner cable core (copper cables) and a dielectric-insulator (foam like substance).To prevent people being shocked by the wire, a plastic cover is put on the inside of the wire.

Coaxial vs. RCA cable

Coaxial speaker cables can send digital signals, which is the main difference between them.These cables offer more bandwidth and are therefore more stable. The external cable is stronger than standard audio cables and has more power.

Digital coax Cable

Digital wires can transmit any type of digital signal.It can often be used for transmitting audio or video signals.Although they transmit a digital signal using electrical pulses, this wire does so efficiently. Digital coax cables are the same construction as standard ones.Each one has a wire in its middle, with insulation, plastic wrapping, or a metal cover. These cables have a high resistance to power and are shielded from interference.They can accommodate a wide spectrum of electrical frequencies.

Contents Of A Coaxial cable

The coaxial wires are cylindrical or plain in shape.They are available in many colors and thicknesses.Their structures can be either simple or complex, but all four components are essential.

Core conductor

Copper is the primary material used to make the core.You may also find the core made of copper-plated or stranded steel.

Dielectric insulator

The core conductor is protected by the dielectric insulation.There are many materials that can be used for this part, such as solid and foam plastic.Sometimes, the gap between core and insulator is left empty.

Metal shield

This shield is made from twisted copper wire.This shield can also be made of silver-plated wire in certain cases.Cables with a better rating might come with two shields: aluminum foil, and twisted copperwire.

Shielding can come in as many layers as four, with as much as two aluminum foils and as many as two twisted copperwires.

Shielding improves productivity and reduces losses.The wire becomes thicker and more elastic, which can be problematic.

Leather jacket

The jacket, which is mainly (Polyvinylchloride) is the final layer of the cable.

The jacket is made of a combination of fire-resistant, UV and oxidation resistant materials.It can be waterproof depending on its application.

The core transmits data to the coax cable.The shielding sections around the coax cable reduce signal loss, also known as attenuation, and help in decreasing EMI.

Connectors used for coaxial cables

Coaxial cable connections are a great way to connect the cable with other gadgets.These connections can be used to shield the speaker cord. Additionally, excellent connectors will produce long-lasting, reliable connections. These are just a few examples of coaxial speaker cables connectors:


SubMiniature version B is the most widely used connector for RF purposes.SMA connections can be used with a wide variety of frequencies, including 0Hz through 12GHz. These connections can support frequencies up to 24 GHz.SMA connections can be used for hand-held broadcast antennas, mobile antennas, microwave devices, Wi-Fi antenna systems, and cell phone antennas.


Bayonet Neil Concelman connectors range in size from small to medium.They can be used to plug and unplug TVs, radios and other RF devices.


Threaded Neil Concelman connectors are the threaded versions of BNC connectors.These connections work at higher microwave frequencies, in contrast to BNC ones.

Is a coaxial speaker cable better than an RCA cable?

While coaxial speaker cables and RCA cables often look the same, they can have very different capabilities. While coax wires may be thicker than RCA cable cables, coaxial is more popular because it can be used with 5.1 channel audio via one cable.This type of setup can’t be done with an RCA connector.

Their impedance is another advantage that coaxial cables have over RCA cables.Our team found that coaxial cables usually have a 75-Ohm impedance. RCA has 50.If you’re honest, coaxial cables can be judged based on their technology.Coaxial cables have digital connections because they are coaxial.