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Check out the Indian Visa for Estonia Citizens

With India being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Indian citizens are expected to travel more and more around the world. This article discusses some of the fees and requirements that India visa holders should be aware of when applying for a new visa.

What is the Indian Visa?

If you are a citizen of India, you may be interested in the Indian visa for Estonia. The Indian visa is a visa that allows citizens of India to travel to Estonia for tourism or business purposes. The visa is valid for three months and can be extended for an additional three months if required. Citizens of India must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the expected date of departure from Estonia. The Indian visa can also be used to travel to other Schengen countries that are part of the European Union. Indian Visa for Estonia Citizens

How to Apply for an Indian Visa

If you are an Estonian citizen and want to travel to India, you will need to apply for a visa.

There are several ways that you can apply for a visa. One way is to go to the Indian embassy in Tallinn and fill out an application form. The embassy will then send the form to the Indian consulate in your city.

The other way is to go online and apply for a visa through the Indian embassy website. This website has instructions on how to complete the application form and upload required documents.

Once you have submitted your application, the consulate will process it and send you a notification about the results. If your visa is approved, they will send you a visa passport which you will need to carry when traveling to India.

Types of Visa and their meanings

Estonian citizens can apply for one of the following types of visa:

1. Transit Visa: This is a visa meant for people who are travelling through Estonia and need to stay in the country for a specific period of time, such as transit through Estonia on their way to another destination.

2. Business Visa: This is a visa meant for people who are visiting Estonia for business purposes, such as meetings or negotiations. Indian Visa for British Citizens

3. Tourist Visa: This is a visa meant for people who are travelling to Estonia mainly for tourism reasons, such as sightseeing, shopping, or participating in cultural activities.

4. Student Visa: This is a visa meant for people who are studying in Estonia.

Citizenship Requirements for European Countries

Estonia is a member of the European Union, which means that its citizens have the right to live and work in any of the 28 member countries. However, not all of them offer visa-free access for Estonian citizens.

To be eligible for a visa to Estonia, you must meet two requirements: you must be a citizen of an EU country or have a valid passport from an EU country. If you are not already a citizen of an EU country, you will need to obtain citizenship before traveling to Estonia.

There are no other specific requirements for visiting or residing in Estonia as a foreign national. You will need to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations.

If you are traveling to Estonia for tourism purposes only and do not intend to work or study in the country, you can apply for a visitor visa. This visa allows you stay in Estonia for up to 30 days and allows you to travel freely within the country.

If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you will need to apply for a long-term visa. The long-term visa allows you stay in Estonia for up to six months, which can be extended up to one year if necessary.


If you are an Estonian citizen and would like to visit India, now is the time to apply for a visa. The Indian government has recently announced that they will be accepting applications from citizens of Estonia starting in early 2018, and the process is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is fill out a form online and send it directly to the Indian embassy in Tallinn. If you have any questions about applying for a visa or about traveling to India, don’t hesitate to contact us at eVisaEstonia.com!

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