Hair Transplant Experience in Turkey

Hair loss is one of the most prevalent issues that both men and women all around the world suffer from. Therefore, different treatment methods and ways of restoring hair growth have been developed. Turkish hair transplant has grown in popularity as a viable solution to this problem as well. The hair transplant procedure in Turkey is based on follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant. In fact, Turkey was one of the first countries to use this technique.

If you want to reclaim your formerly thick hair, Istanbul, the European hair transplant leader, has you covered. The good outcomes patients enjoy are a result of the high-quality standards and one-of-a-kind service. Hair transplant in Istanbul allows you to benefit from the experience gained from hundreds of previous procedures.

Why Turkish Hair Transplant is So Popular?

Turkish hair transplantation uses the FUE technique, which is a pricey treatment that requires extensive knowledge on the side of the surgeon to get the desired results. During this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the donor site and transplanted to the recipient site. This hair transplant process is incredibly safe and less intrusive than the FUT technique. One of the main reasons for its appeal is that it leaves fewer scars and takes less time to heal or recover than other treatment options.

Due to the high cost of surgery and transplanting, many people who live in European countries are doubtful about whether they can afford a hair transplant or not. The majority of clinics in Turkey offer their clients all-inclusive packages. These packages include all necessary prescriptions and transportation. So, it is economically great to choose! Moreover, there are no hidden fees in clinics in Turkey!

What Do Turkish Hair Transplant Clinics Offer?

You might be asking why Turkish hair transplants are so popular. The answer is because Turkish hair transplant clinics provide FUE hair transplant packages to satisfy all of the patient’s needs, standard packages frequently include:

  • consultation with a hair transplant expert
  • language assistance
  • airport-clinic-airport transportation
  • blood tests
  • all drugs prescribed for you
  • accommodation for post-operative care (usually in a hotel)
  • barber service

Hair Transplant Success in Turkey

Many people consider Turkey to be the finest destination in the world to locate the best hair transplant surgery, with over 500 hair clinics in Istanbul alone and hundreds of additional hair transplant clinics throughout Turkey. Hair transplant in Turkey has established a worldwide reputation as one of the most successful and economical procedures because of the excellent standards and low pricing of Turkish surgeons.