How to Fix a Broken iPhone Screen

If you’ve broken the glass on your , you need to know how to get it repaired properly. There are a few ways to fix the problem, including Apple Authorized Service Providers and AppleCare+ coverage. In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix your screen and the typical cost of iPhone repairs. But first, let’s talk about the average cost of iPhone screen repair. This will allow you to compare the costs of various repair options and make an informed decision.
Apple Authorized Service Providers

You’ve probably wondered where you can get your . Luckily, Apple has a large network of authorized service providers and retail stores. To find an Apple Authorized Service Provider in your area, use the “Find a nearby AASP” tool. This tool displays a map and list of AASPs in your area. Clicking on a specific AASP will bring up additional information about the business.

A list of Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) is available on Apple’s website. Each service provider specializes in a particular area of Apple product repair. The list of Apple products they service varies, and some may specialize in Mac OS repair only, while others may also service iPads and iPhones. In 2017, Apple began equipping select AASPs with their own proprietary machine to repair broken iPhone screens.
AppleCare+ coverage

An AppleCare+ plan can be beneficial if your iPhone needs to have a screen repaired due to accidental damage or a broken glass. While it’s important to note that this plan doesn’t cover the glass on the back of your phone, it does cover the LCD screen for models eligible for repair. AppleCare+ plans also include the option of Theft and Loss coverage, which covers the costs of replacing the screen if your iPhone is stolen.

An AppleCare+ plan is not necessary to get your iPhone repaired, but it has several benefits. For example, screen is covered for up to two accidental incidents and expert technical support. There are also other benefits, such as accidental damage protection and hardware coverage. However, accidental damage coverage comes with a deductible, out-of-warranty fee, and service fee. For these reasons, it’s important to check whether your phone is still covered by the warranty.
Alternatives to Apple’s own repair service

Many people who can’t afford to pay a premium for an are turning to third-party providers, and while you can’t expect Apple to fix your phone at its own store, you can still make the repair yourself. providers use genuine Apple parts, and the tools used to repair Apple devices are identical to those used by Apple technicians. Apple isn’t the only company to embrace this trend, though. Google and Samsung have also partnered with companies like iFixit to offer a similar service. Microsoft, however, has yet to announce its own self-repair service. Apple plans to expand its self-repair service to other countries, starting with Europe later this year.

In addition to Apple’s own repair service, independent repair shops often charge a lower price than Apple’s. Some of them charge a lower price for iPhone screens than Apple does, and others offer lower prices. However, keep in mind that a screen repair can be very expensive, so you should compare independent repair shops before paying for the service. You may find cheaper screens on eBay, but they’re often of inferior quality. Another alternative is to sell your iPhone instead.
Average cost of iPhone screen repair

If you are in need of an, there are many different factors to consider. The average cost of an iPhone screen repair can be anywhere from $150 to $400. While this varies from person to person, you should still consider your budget before deciding to take your. Although many people would rather purchase a new phone than have their screen fixed, many people find that getting the screen repaired is the best option.

If you purchased your iPhone under warranty, you should be able to get the screen repaired. Apple will not cover the screen repair unless the damage is major. But, if the iPhone is covered under AppleCare+, you may receive compensation for the repair. If your iPhone is out-of-warranty, you may find that the service provider you choose has slightly different prices than the Apple Authorized Service Providers. You may also have to pay an additional site visit fee, but this is typically waived if you have AppleCare+.