Green Roof Installation Tips For Homeowners

Before installing a green roof, you should contact a structural engineer to determine the building’s ability to support the weight. A single modular container can weigh up to 40 pounds, and improper design can lead to irreversible damage. The structural engineer can also suggest additions to the building’s roof. For example, a green roof can be made up of two or more layers of moss. The roof may also require additional support.

Job Description

A job description for a certified green roof professional focuses on the role of an independent roofing professional. An independent roofing professional provides the design and construction team with information regarding roof membranes and waterproofing. They assist the architect in selecting and installing the best green roof system. Independent roofing professionals also optimize the drainage of green roofs. Electricians are responsible for providing electricity for green roofs. Electrical engineers also inspect the quality of roof installation.

Certification is an asset when it comes to the industry, and it is essential for those involved in the development process. The certification reflects a certain level of expertise in green roof design and construction. In addition, it allows individuals to take the GRP Accreditation Exam, which requires approximately two hours of study. This test is developed by a committee of subject matter experts and vetted by Prometric. It is available online, and the GRP website provides additional information on the exam and the process.

Cost Of Installing A Green Roof

To get an estimate of the costs of installing a green roof, contact a trusted contractor. The cost of installing a green roof is largely determined by the type and size of the greenery you select. However, some tasks can be performed on your own. While you can do some of the installation yourself, you must be certain that you can perform all the steps safely. Fortunately, there are many DIY green roof installation tips.

The cost of installing a green roof is generally lower than the price of a conventional roofing system, and the materials and labor for a standard green roof are typically less than $30 per square foot. This cost doesn’t include the cost of a new underlying roof, which may run another $25 or $30 per square foot. Depending on your requirements, you can expect to spend between $20,000 and $30,000 on the project.

Plant Selection For A Green Roof

Plant selection for a green roof installation is critical to its success. Several factors should be taken into account when selecting plants. For example, climate can play a significant role in the selection of plants. For example, high-rise buildings often have their own microclimate, which must be cultivated with appropriate watering techniques. If the plants are to grow on a green roof, they should be indigenous to the region.

The design and composition of a green roof can be complicated, and the best results are achieved when the design team includes an engineer, architect, and landscape architect. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the entire project, from concept to completion. Their expertise includes working with local authorities and contractors, as well as green industry professionals. Building codes must be considered early in the process, so that they can account for the extra weight. Other factors that must be considered include structural constraints, seasonal dry periods, and client needs.

Slope Requirements For A Green Roof

When planning for a green roof installation, consider the slope. Green roofs can be designed for wide roof areas, and can be integrated into new construction or added to existing buildings. While most green roofs are built on flat or low-angled roofs, steeper slopes can be installed with special design features. In addition, a steeper green roof is less effective at retaining stormwater and may require container systems to prevent eroding or slipping.

The biggest problem with a sloped green roof installation is soil retention. Since soil is forced to filter down the roof, plant roots may be pulled off the roof by sheer forces. This challenge is addressed by a variety of products, including growing mediums that contain corrugated plastic or jute. For moderate-sloped green roofs, you can use Colbond Enkamat, which is made of polypropylene fibers and is quickly infiltrated by plant roots.

Maintenance Of A Green Roof

For the best results, green roof installation companies suggest that homeowners keep a detailed diary or log of their maintenance activities. Every time you perform a maintenance task, take photos of your green roof, and take note of which plants are thriving and which are not. Try to take pictures from the same spot each season, with the same view. This way, you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your maintenance practices, and the success of your supplemental planting.

Another issue to watch out for is overwatering. Depending on your climate, you should avoid watering the green roof excessively. You should be able to detect if it is drooping after a day or two. If it leaks, it’s probably due to overwatering. However, in temperate climates, this isn’t a problem. If water continues to seep through, it will likely be a problem with the drainage membrane.